Tuesday, August 18, 2009

iTunes Genre

So, i have a pretty large music library in my iTunes library. the problem is i have 7,000 songs with wrong genres. now i could quit my job and spend the rest of my life figuring out all the genres, but my computer chair is not that comfortable and i would need money to purchase a new chair. i digress, why can i not get genre information for songs from the iTunes music store. the music store allows me to pull album art from their database, but not genres. why not? so now i am stuck scratching my head trying to figure out how to quickly fix the genres in my library.

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cloosley said...

Hi David,

I'm writing a post about music Genres; it may be published by the time you read this. I happened to find your post while Googling, and I will link to it.

Two programs claim to help you fix your iTunes Genres: TidySongs and TuneUp. I have not tried them, but you may want to check them out.

Chris Loosley
UpRight Matters